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Our staff at LandTech are experienced in conducting geotechnical investigations and assessing geo-hazards across the country, with experience operating in Christchurch since before the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence. A particular area of expertise is in analysing the liquefaction potential of Christchurch property’s, and determining practical foundation solutions that suit the complex local soils. We relish the opportunity to help local Christchurch home owners by providing independent advice on proposed insurance repairs or cash settlements.

Other areas of expertise are hillside property assessments, defining geomorphic processes and geotechnical hazards as part of Section 71 Building Act 2004 and Section 106 RMA 1991 evaluations. Where instability and erosion is identified, stabilisation schemes can be provided to reduce the hazard risk to acceptable levels. These may take the form of rock anchors and soil nails, retaining walls, subsoil drainage, erosion & sediment control, shotcrete and high tensile mesh, planting and land contouring.

A good sense of practical engineering judgement and ability to offer alternative solutions is what sets LandTech apart from the rest.

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